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Antioxidant-enriched food options to boost your immune system

by GlobalBees Brand pvt ltd 08 Aug 2022

Organs, cells, and tissues carry out all our bodily processes. For example, it helps us fight off pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and harmful foreign bodies. When the immune system comes in contact with the pathogens, it triggers the antibody release. These antibodies attach to antigens and kill harmful bacteria. So, we must adopt a lifestyle that keeps our immune system healthy, for example, exercising, drinking adequate water, and most importantly, having antioxidant-enriched food. Antioxidants can't be produced or stored in the body, so they must be incorporated into your daily diet. 

What is an antioxidant? 

Antioxidants are compounds that prevent any free radical damage in our body. Free radicals are produced while the body breaks down food or while consuming tobacco and alcohol. Those radicals can come in contact with pollutants and damage the cells. The antioxidants also help prevent heart disease and lower cancer risk. Generally, plant-based food is high in antioxidants, but you can also eat poultry meat like chicken and turkey. Along with food, you can also include some plant-based antioxidant supplements that contain no chemicals and parabens, such as HealthVit's antioxidant tablets. These antioxidant capsules promote the detox mechanism and produce essential Amino acids like L-Methionine. 

Antioxidant enriched food that you can include in your daily diet: 

Citrus fruit: 

Citrus fruit consists of Vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in building our immunity system. Citrus fruits increase the production of white blood cells and help us combat allergies and infections. Add a tiny squeeze of Vitamin C to your meal, especially in post covid times, when immunity is the biggest concern worldwide. Getting a wide range of citrus fruits on the market is easy. Some popular fruits are orange, lemon, sweet lime, grapefruit, clementines, tangerines, etc. Unfortunately, your body can't produce or store Vitamin C. So, it's mandatory to take an adequate amount of it daily. 

Daily Intake: 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men. 

Dark chocolate: 

Dark chocolate consists of lower added sugar and fat than milk chocolates. So, include dark chocolates in your delicious cheat meal to enjoy the sumptuousness of cocoa. In addition, dark chocolate is abundant in antioxidants called Theobromine, which boosts your immunity system and protects the blood cells from free radicals. Made from cocoa tree seeds, this chocolate benefits your health in different ways by aiding in weight loss and lowering heart health risks.  

Daily Intake: 1.6-ounce bar 


Blueberries are a powerhouse of antioxidants; they are packed with beneficial nutrients that boost our optimal health. In addition, blueberries contain a flavonoid called Anthocyanin, an antioxidant that boosts your immunity and is responsible for the berry's colour. Blueberries also help to regulate the respiratory tract's immune defense system and combat any respiratory infection. In addition, these berries contain nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Daily Intake: 150 gm  


Garlic is the ace card in most Indian kitchens. Adding a little zest of garlic to your regular meal will enrich the spices and flavours and benefit your immune system. Since ancient India, garlic has been a natural medicine to fight infections. Garlic is known to have natural antioxidants that protect your body from oxidative damage and lowers blood pressure. Garlic also consists of an immunity-boosting compound, allicin, which is a high concentration of the sulfur-containing compound.  

Daily Intake: 4gm (2 cloves) 


If garlic is the ace card in your kitchen, then turmeric is the king. This yellow spice provides a plethora of benefits from healthcare to skincare. Even now also, turmeric tops the doctor recommendation chart. Since earlier civilizations, turmeric has been used in making Ayurvedic medicine because it has an abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In addition, turmeric contains an antioxidant called curcumin that protects your body from free radical damage.  

Daily Intake: 500-1000 mg 


Yoghurt is famous for promoting gut health because of being rich in probiotics. In addition, any Greek yoghurt's live and active cultures also help your overall immune system. Yoghurt stimulates your ability to fight diseases and infections. Try to have plain yoghurt without sugar and flavour. You can also sweeten yoghurt by drizzling some organic honey on it. Yoghurt is also a great source of Vitamin D that regulates your whole immunity system. 

Daily Intake: 3 cups of unsweetened yoghurt. If you take any antioxidant supplements, you can also have 1½-2 cups of yoghurt after meals. 

Poultry meat: 

One of the best and safest options for non-veg lovers is poultry meat. When you are sick, your eyes go on the chicken soup; it is also a placebo effect that drinking hot chicken makes you feel better. In addition, the soup helps reduce major cold symptoms like inflammation, sneezing, coughing, irritation, etc. Poultry meat like chicken and turkey consists of vitamin B 6, which regulates the function of red blood cells and the chemical reactions in the body. In addition, chicken broth has immunity-building components like gelatin and chondroitin.  

Daily Intake: 85-113 gm per serving. 

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