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What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is derived after elaborate processing and fermenting of apple pulp. There are a plethora of benefits that this nature's elixir encompasses in it. Many health experts recommend including this wonder drink in a weight-loss diet. Apple cider vinegar is a weight loss beverage because it burns fat and reduces belly fat. It also helps to suppress appetite and control cravings. In addition, apple cider vinegar contains potassium, amino acids, and antioxidants that promote health. 

Moreover, it has to disinfect properties that can kill toxins and harmful bacteria thriving in the body. Some studies have attributed ACV as a potential weight loss drink.  

Apple cider vinegar benefits your health in several ways. Acetic acid reduces belly fat and further suppresses body fat build-up. This natural detoxifier eliminates toxins from your body through urination, digestion, excretion or other means. It's been found that people who drink apple cider vinegar every day have increased urine output which helps them lose weight at an easier rate than if they were going it alone with only exercise. 

Drink 1 tablespoon of ACV mixed with 6 ounces of water or lemonade every morning before breakfast or after lunchtime while cooking your meal or anytime during the day if hunger strikes you. Add some cucumber slices to this mixture for extra flavour and freshness.  

How does it help with weight loss?  

Do you want to lose belly fat but are unsure how to do it? Well, the answer lies in ACV. The natural solution for weight loss is a combination of apple cider vinegar and water, which will help reduce body fat and help you burn off your excess calories. However, the best part about ACV is that there are many ways to incorporate this wonder drink into his/her daily diet plan for effective weight loss results. There are a plethora of benefits that this nature's elixir encompasses in it. Health experts recommend including this wonder drink in a weight-loss diet. Here's how apple cider vinegar helps shed kilos and how you can use it to lose weight. 

A low-calorie beverage: 

Due to its effectiveness, many experts recommend Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for weight loss. ACV consists of a few calories, stimulates fat burning, increases body metabolism, and can be easily adjustable in your daily diet. About 100 grams of Apple Cider Vinegar consists of only 22 calories. ACV aids the weight loss program by curbing appetite. Add a tablespoon of the drink to a glass of water; drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. 

Suppress fat accumulation: 

The main component in Apple Cider Vinegar is acetic acid, suppressing the body's appetite and fat accumulation. Daily intake of apple cider vinegar also helps prevent metabolic syndrome by reducing obesity. Healthvit's Apple Cider contains the goodness of Himalayan apple juice. It improves digestion and helps in weight management. 

Keeps your stomach full: 

One of the main benefits of ACV is that it keeps your stomach full for a longer time and curbs unnecessary munching and junk food cravings. In addition, you can easily replace your after-meal cola drink with Apple Cider Vinegar because it prevents gas and acidity. 

Maintain blood sugar level: 

Apple Cider Vinegar is also an effective and natural solution to stabilise your blood sugar level and especially manages carbohydrate levels. Maintaining blood sugar level is also a secret weapon for losing weight. 

How much Apple Cider Vinegar should you drink everyday? 

ACV certainly provides many health benefits, but you must take every food and drink in moderation. This is also not an exception. However, 15 ml of the drink is enough to bring positive lifestyle changes and even reduce hypertension and anxiety. Experts suggest diluting 15-30 ml (1-2 tsp) of ACV daily in a cup of water. If you try to have it directly from the bottle, it might create discomfort in your digestion and increase acid levels in your body. The dosage sometimes also depends on factors like medical history, body type, food habits, other medications, etc. 

Side effects: 

Apple cider vinegar is a good home remedy for many different health problems. It may also help you lose weight by lowering your appetite. But there are some risks and side effects before using apple cider vinegar as a weight-loss tool. Apple cider vinegar isn't a miracle cure for whatever ails you — it does have side effects. Here are some of the most common ones: 

  • Apple cider vinegar can damage your teeth because of its high acidity levels. This can cause tooth decay and other dental problems, so make sure to brush after consuming apple cider vinegar if you are prone to acid reflux. 
  • Some people may experience discomfort from drinking too much apple cider vinegar. These side effects include headaches, sore throat, Nausea, stomach upset, etc.  
  • You can also have a low potassium level due to excess consumption of apple cider vinegar.  

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