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Top 5 Do's and Dont's of Prenatal Care

by GlobalBees Brand pvt ltd 19 Nov 2022

A prenatal diet is a special type of diet that you need to follow during pregnancy. It includes foods that are healthy for both you and your growing baby. This diet is an amalgamation of nutritious food options and pregnancy multivitamins. A prenatal diet can help you have the best possible nutrition during pregnancy, increase your chances of having a healthy baby, and lower the risk of congenital disabilities or other health problems.  

Here is a list of do's and don'ts in a prenatal diet: 


1) Consume prenatal multivitamins:  

Multivitamin during pregnancy is essential for pregnant women to get all the nutrients they require. This is because the body during pregnancy undergoes a lot of changes. During this period, the body produces several extra hormones, which are needed for the baby to grow properly and healthily. These vitamins must be taken in adequate quantities so that they can be absorbed by the body of pregnant women and also pass on to their baby's safely.  

Pregnant woman taking a pills

Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid (often called folate), and essential multivitamin for pregnant women and fetal development. Because these vitamins are not present naturally in the human body, pregnant or lactating women need to take them to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida or anencephaly (a fatal brain defect). Prenatal vitamins also contain trace amounts of iron, which is necessary for fetal development. Healthvit's Previt is one of the best multivitamins for trying to conceive, and it contain 19 essential vitamin and mineral that support both mother and fetus health. 

2) Get adequate sleep: 

Close up on young pregnant woman sleeping

Anxiety, depression, and mood swings are common during this period because of the rapid change in hormone levels. It might also interrupt your sleep for 9 months. Getting adequate sleep is one of the thumb rules of a healthy pregnancy. There are a couple of ways that will help you regulate the sleep cycle:  

  • Lamaze classes  
  • Meditation  
  • Avoid mindless scrolling  
  • Scented candles 

3) Work out regularly: 

Young pregnant woman practicing yoga at home

Pregnancy is not something that will force you to stop your lifestyle and sit idly for the whole day. Exercise routine is must addition in this phase to maintain both mom's and baby's health. Workout during pregnancy help you combat issues like, muscle and joint pains, insomnia, mood swings, and excessive weight gain. Even if you want to get pregnant naturally, there are certain exercises like, Surya namaskar, Pilates that elevates the ovulation. 

4) Eat seafood: 

Happy cute pregnant woman cooking salmon at kitchen

Along with having multivitamin tablets for pregnancy, you also have to maintain a healthy diet chart. Eat seafood before and after pregnancy because it is loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals, like omega-3 fatty acid, zinc, iron, etc. Avoid eating raw food or any fish that contains high mercury levels, like swordfish or king mackarel. 12 ounces of fish per week is adequate for a pregnant woman. 

5)  Regular sexual intercourse: 

Couple having intimate moments

Along with a prenatal diet, you also have to maintain a proper sexual routine and hygiene. You might hold on to sex to increase sperm count, but it also can decrease the motality. Daily sexual intercourse will increase the chances of conceiving naturally. If daily sex is not possible or enjoyable, try to have it at least thrice a week, especially after the end of your menstrual cycle. 


1) Avoid smoking and alcohol: 

If you are trying to get pregnant naturally or in any other method, the first thing on your list would be quitting smoking and drinking. And this goes for both men and women because smoking and alcohol can reduce sperm count and stamina. Even a small amount of alcohol or a puff of a cigarette can harm your health during this time.  

2) Don't overeat: 

In the prenatal phase, you don't have to board with the idea of "eating for two". All you need is a well-planned diet that contains a lot of nutritious veggies and fresh fruits, especially protein-enriched food options. You have a growing life inside you, but remember that your baby needs nutrition-dense food, not an overdose of food. Overeating can cause unnecessary weight gain that leads to complications in delivery. 

3) Don't leave long gaps between meals: 

During pregnancy, you need a higher intake of certain vitamins and minerals than you do in your regular diet. You should keep eating moderate amount of nutritious food in every 2 hours to provide nutrition to the baby throughout the day. 

4) Don't indulge in too much junk food cravings: 

Pregnancy does give you some mid night food cravings and you end up eating unhealthy and junk food from outside. Whereas, it's important to fulfill that craving, it's essential to find healthy alternatives, for example, while craving for dessert you can have vegan sugar-free desserts. 

5) Don't sit in a hot tub or sauna: 

While a nut hot bath and sauna treatment can ease your muscle pain, it might harm your baby's health, especially in the first trimester. Soaking in body water raise the body temperature and raise the risk of having miscarriages and birth defects. 


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