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10 Common Myths and Facts Around Muscle Fitness

by GlobalBees Brand pvt ltd 26 Sep 2022

There are many myths and facts about muscle fitness. As a result, knowing what will work for you can be challenging. This list of 10 common myths and facts around muscle fitness should help clear up some misconceptions and provide you with the necessary information. 

1) Myth: You must be a natural athlete to see a difference in your muscle-building routine. 

Fact: Everybody has the potential for muscle growth; it is how hard you work that will make a difference 

2) Myth: It is not possible to build muscle at old age. 

Fact: This is not true. Old age does not mean you lose the ability to build muscles; even if you do, it is still possible as long as other ways can help you achieve this. 

3) Myth: Added proteins are needed for building muscle mass. 

Fact: Protein intake would be significant, but one should also consider if they are getting enough calories and carbohydrates because the body needs these nutrients to make the protein work properly. 

4) Myth: Muscle can only grow during high intensity. 

Fact: Muscle growth doesn't depend on the high-intensity exercise routine or lifting weights. Lifting weights or doing high-intensity exercise is not always necessary for muscle building. However, you can achieve similar results if you are regular and patient with lighter weights. The growth of your muscles boils down to two essential factors:  

  • How many reps are you doing 
  • How regular are you with the diet  

5) Myth: If I work out hard, I will get big muscles 

Fact: Muscle-building supplements are unnecessary for everyone because increasing protein consumption is not necessary for muscle growth. You can build muscle simply by eating more nutritious food and getting enough rest. 

6) Myth: If I stop working out, my muscles will disappear 

Fact: Your muscles won't disappear because they spend up to 2 weeks in a resting state before they begin to shrink back to their original size. 

7) Myth: You should focus on cardio or endurance training if your goal is weight loss. 

Fact: If your goal is weight loss, strength training should also be a part of your exercise routine. Strength training burns more calories in less time than any other form of exercise, making it the best way to lose weight fast. 

8) Myth: If you train in the morning, you will build more muscles.  


You have to obey your fitness regimen to build muscles. It is beneficial to work out in the morning. But if you are not a morning person, don't impose the traditional routine on yourself. You can continue your endurance training in the evening. A 2016 study proves that muscle training is more effective in the evening.  

9) Myth:  

Lifting heavy weights will make a woman bulky and masculine-looking because testosterone levels increase when you lift heavy weights. 

Fact: Testosterone plays an integral role in muscle growth. Unfortunately, a woman's body produces lesser testosterone than a man. Seeing the testosterone levels, it will be harder for a woman to get bulky even with consistent training.  

10) Myth: You have to do longer workout sessions: 

Fact: One of the biggest myths regarding muscle growth is that you have to train for longer to grow muscles. Your muscle growth depends on how sincerely you take the workout, not the time. Your nutrition, sleep cycle, and stress management skills will also influence muscle-building.  

A few tips for muscle growth: 

Balanced diet: 

The first tip is to ensure a well-balanced diet with enough protein and calories. Muscle growth happens in response to exercise, but muscle also needs nutrients to grow. So you should get between 55-180 grams of protein per day. 


L-proline is an amino acid that works to provide your muscles with the ability to maintain their strength for an extended period. Proline works this way because it facilitates the turnover of protein, so a constant rebuilding process is happening in your body as you sleep, which will give you more muscle growth than usual. 

Muscles gaining capsules: 

You can also get muscle-gaining capsules, but buy them from a trusted source. For example, Healthvit's body-building capsules are loaded with L-Glutamine. It is a powerful recovery agent and increases your blood flow.  

Eat enough protein: 

Increase the amount of protein you consume to three times the recommended daily intake (min 55gm). This is important because muscle growth depends on how much protein you consume to regenerate cells. 

Add some green vegetables to your diet: 

You can't use supplements or take pills to 'eat vegetables. The only way you will get a full range of nutrients from vegetables is by consuming them raw or cooked as part of your everyday meal. 

Change your gym routine every four weeks: 

Your muscles will stagnate if they are not challenged with new exercises and different workouts for an extended time, so mix it up! 


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