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West-Coast Salin Nasal Wash Helps to Relieves Stuffy Nose, Decrease Sinus Infections and Effective in Nasal Congestion – 20 Sachets

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  • It is used to relieve the blockage in the nasal passage in case of cold and infections in the respiratory tract.
  • Gives relief by blocking the passage of histamine, responsible for causing allergic reactions in your body leading to itching, cold, sneezing and other such reactions.
  • It provides relief from pain and breathing difficulties
  • Relieves infection and local irritation caused due to cold
  • It helps in improving respiratory functions

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester
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Salin Nasal Wash is an effective nasal decongestant medicine. It helps shrink the blood vessels present in the nose and relieve stuffy nose. It helps in easy breathing during nasal congestion.


  1. Dissolve the content of one packet in 120 ml lukewarm water.
  2. Stir thoroughly until dry ingredients have completely dissolved.
  3. Take the hypertonic saline solution in a squeeze bottle.
  4. Tilting the head, pour water in one nostril.
  5. Proper head position allows the solution to flow through the nose by gravity.
  6. The water will freely flow through one nostril, come out through the other, pull along allergens and thick mucus.
  7. Once completed, exhale through both nostrils to clear excess mucus and solution.
  8. Repeat the procedure through the other nostril.

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