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Top Gummy Calcium Vitamin D3, For Healthy Bones & Teeth - 30 Mango Flavor Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free

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  • Healthy & safe to use
  • Natural flavors
  • Easy to consume
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester
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Top Gummy Calcium + Vitamin D3, For Healthy Bones & Teeth – 30 Mango Flavor Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free
• Calcium plays a very important role in the body. It is necessary for normal functioning of nerves, cells, muscle, and bone.
• If there is not enough calcium in the blood, then the body will take calcium from bones, thereby weakening bones.
• Vitamin D3helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus. Having the right amounts of Vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus is important for building and keeping strong bones.
• Top gummy contains Calcium + Vitamin D3 that play an important role in Bone & joint development.
• Calcium & Vitamin D3 make bones & teeth healthy. Calcium maintains healthy muscle function. Vitamin D3 is known as a “Sunshine Vitamin” which increases the absorption of Calcium.
• Made with Gelatin Free – Vegetarian approved fruit pectin base for gummy deliciousness!
• HEALTHY & SAFE TO USE: Our Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement gummies are made using only using tested and proven ingredients that are free from any kinds of additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors to provide you with a delicious source of Calcium and Vitamin D3 that are perfect for all ages. The gummies are gluten free and low in calories due to natural flavors. Promotes Healthy Muscle Function.
• HEALTHIER BONE & TEETH: Top Gummy Calcium Vitamin D3 made of amazing formula of Calcium with Vitamin D3. And we are specially formulated for bone & Teeth. It's Facilitatesto calcium absorption and strengthens bones & teeth.
• NATURAL FLAVORS: You are sure to love the Mango natural flavors.
• INGREDIENTS: Tastes great and easy to chew and swallow compared to bulky tablets.
• EASY TO CONSUME: Top Gummy multivitamin gummies offer a wide range of nutrients in easy-to-chew, Mango flavored gummy vitamins. Easy to take alternative to pills. Multivitamins for Adult- Men and Women.
• WHY TOP GUMMY? -Top Gummy is Certified FSSAI & Non-GMO.It Contains Vitamins & Minerals. It comes in delicious fruit flavors and is made with natural colors and flavors. Pectin Based- Pectin is a healthy plant based ingredient used to make gummies.Top Gummy is free of Gelatin, Milk, Soy, Nuts, Animal derivatives, Preservatives, Artificial Flavors-Colors, Peanut, Eggs.

  • Healthy & safe to use
  • Natural flavors
  • Easy to consume

2 Top Gummy daily for children above 3 years under adult supervision. Make sure your child chews the gummy thoroughly.

Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Pectin (440), Permitted Natural Color (E100), Natural Identical Flavors (Mango), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)